Welcome to Corsair Logistics

The Power of One

  • Corsair Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a land-side logistics company.
  • We provide transport and logistical services to importers and exporters, as well as clearing and forwarding companies.
  • The Company is characterised by an aggressive pride with a positive attitude to marketing and to finding logistical solutions within a difficult environment.
  • Corsair Logistics (Pty) Ltd focuses on providing an exceptional, innovative and reliable logistical chain of services to Importers and Exporters.
  • We can offer a suitable solution for all transport and logistical requirements at cost effective and market-related rates.
  • By expanding our thinking in order to find these solutions for our clients, we have defined a strong foundation and business principle.
  • We take the bold approach of being a partner within our clients’ supply chain and, in doing so, are able to save our clients both time and money.

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