If you run a company that manufactures or imports any goods in sizeable quantities, warehousing is sure to be an important part of your supply chain. Corsair Logistics is an expert provider of warehousing. From our point of view, warehousing is essential for any company that needs to store and move large amounts of goods. Here are a few benefits of warehousing:

Why You Should Partner With A Warehousing Provider

Whether you own your warehouse or rent space from a dedicated warehousing specialist, storage forms a vital part of your business. Here are five reasons why good warehousing is indispensable. Read our blog for more warehousing and logistics advice.

1. Streamlined Production

Warehousing isn’t only necessary to store final products ready to be shipped to customers. It is also useful for keeping raw materials and other components in your production process. You can keep your production inputs in an ordered state – and in bulk – to ensure that you can keep your production line rolling.

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2. Time Saving

By bringing all your shippable goods together in a single location, you cut down on your distribution times. Goods can quickly be accessed and pulled from storage at your warehouse location to be moved out to your clients.

3. Storage Of Surpluses

If your production and supply chains work as they should, you are likely to have a surplus on hand at any given time. This is necessary to ensure that you can fill orders when they arise. Warehouses act as a store for surpluses. You can produce in anticipation of demand and rest assured that you have a place to keep your products until they are needed.

4. Price Stabilisation

By making space for surpluses of goods when supply temporarily exceeds demand, warehouses can help to reduce major fluctuations in prices. They help to ensure regular supply flows to markets, easing the production and supply processes and keeping prices under control.

5. Risk Minimisation

Warehouses provide safe storage for goods. Valuable products can be kept safe from theft and damage and perishable goods can be kept in cold storage to maintain freshness. Your business can thus reduce whatever losses could possibly occur as a result of fire, theft, damage and expiry of goods. Warehousing can be insured, meaning that if losses do occur, they can be mitigated.

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Corsair Logistics is a transport and logistics company based in Durban, South Africa. We can provide all the logistics and storage solutions you need. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your warehousing and logistics.

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