About Us

Corsair logistics (Pty) Ltd. is a professional land-side logistics company conveniently situated at 199 Quality Street in the Jacobs area of Durban, which is in close proximity to the port of Durban – the main gateway of South African shipping. This allows us to provide an efficient, innovative and reliable service to our clients, which is a significant part of our service offering and company values.

We are a professional and established logistics company that has been built to handle all your shipping, transportation, warehousing and freight forwarding requirements with ease while ensuring that all our systems and processes are fully-compliant with customs regulations.

Our services have been carefully-crafted to meet the unique handling needs of our clients in the importing and exporting sectors, as well as for clearing and forwarding companies.

To find out more about us, or to request more information on our services, please contact us now – we are here to make your logistical needs as hassle-free and easy as possible.