Bulk storage & Handling in Durban, South Africa

Silo bags being stored in warehouse

If you are an importer or exporter looking for expert bulk storage and handling services in Durban, South Africa,  Corsair Logistics offers you affordable, flexible storage and warehousing options to help you keep your goods safe during their stop at the Port of Durban on their inbound or outbound journey.

Bulk Storage in Durban

Bulk storage refers to the storing of any goods in large quantities. The term is weirdly used in the storage of liquids, such as petroleum, in tanks, or products such as tires, glass products, beverages, or building materials, for example. Bulk storage allows faster access to individual containers, and facilitates clear warehouse structures, such as blocks and rows.

Along with the large storage facilities required for bulk storage, Corsair Logistics also has the experience and expertise needed to handle your goods professionally and with care. Read more about our services in our blog.

Flexible Warehousing Solutions

Our bulk storage services form part of our warehousing solutions. They are flexible and responsive and can be tailored to suit our ciients’ unique handling and storage requirements.

We have a 48 000m2 facility with 22 undercover loading bays and ramps, all-weather cargo handling, bulk storage and handling, monitored CCTV systems with 35 cameras, PPECB accredited food grade warehouse, bonded warehouse facilities, and more. We also offer palletising and stretch-wrapping to ensure all loose bags, cartons and drums are secured while in transit.

An Extensive Facility

We will provide a 48,000m² facility, meaning enough space for all your requirements.

Complete Security

We permanently have monitored CCTV systems in place. With over 35 cameras, our warehouse facilities are always secure and safe.

Drive Through Access

We provide flexible access for our warehouse facilities, including an undercover drive through access.

Private Weighbridge

Private weighbridge operational on site.

Bulk Storage and Handling

No capacity of goods is too large.

Container Stuffing and De-stuffing

Professional assistance with your stuffing requirements.

Undercover Loading Options

You don’t have to worry about the effects of the elements on your goods. We can provide 22 undercover loading bays and ramps to protect and cover your items at all times.

We also offer all-weather cargo handling, so that you don’t have to worry about the weather in any capacity.

Tailored, Innovative Bulk Storage Solutions

With Corsair Logistics, you have the freedom to discuss your exact, unique storage needs with our team, who will then mobilise our resources and facilities to create a solution that perfectly suits you.

Get Tailored, Cost-effective Bulk Storage and Handling Services in Durban, South Africa, with Corsair Logistics

For cost-effective, expert bulk storage and handling services, contact Corsair Logistics today.