Cargo fumigation services in South Africa

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Are you concerned about keeping your cargo safe and clean? Come to Corsair Logistics for professional cargo fumigation services in South Africa.

As large shipments are moved across vast areas of land and sea, they can easily become contaminated and even infested with a variety of pests from bacteria to rodents. Professional cargo fumigation services help to ensure the health and safety of your shipments and ensure they remain clean and free of contaminants.

Effective Cargo Fumigation Services for Importers and Exporters

Whether you are shipping your cargo by land, sea, or air, or are planning to store it in a warehousing facility for a time, fumigation is necessary and will help to keep your goods free of infestation, maintaining its quality and handling safety.

Safe and Effective Fumigation Services

Cargo fumigation involves the treatment of commodities to eliminate the risk of pests or disease. Professional fumigation services follow strict protocols to ensure that cargo has been treated according to the needs of the sender, consignee and of the product itself. All the necessary regulatory requirements are followed to make sure that goods meet relevant standards and are safe for handling and discharge at all stages of the supply chain.

The fumigation process poisons or suffocates the pests in the area with fumigants. After the fumigation is completed, the licensing authority will issue a certificate, which must accompany the cargo to its destination. The certificates confirm that the fumigation has been carried out and provides certain details like the purpose of the treatment, the chemicals used and the temperature range. Fumigation is a non-negotiable part of international transit. It is required under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, as well as various national laws.

Get Effective, Affordable Fumigation Services in South Africa, With Corsair Logistics

Corsair Logistics (Pty) Ltd. Is a land-side logistics company based near the Port of Durban. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient, innovative and reliable service to our clients, which is a significant part of our service and company values. Our services and facilities have been built to handle all your shipping, transportation, warehousing and freight forwarding requirements with ease while ensuring that all our systems and processes are fully compliant with customs regulations.

We offer complete logistics and warehousing solutions for clients in the import and export sectors – covering everything from clearing and forwarding to warehousing – Our services include:

  • Clearing & forwarding,
  • Fumigation,
  • Lashing,
  • PPECB,
  • Grounding, staging and storing,
  • Import and export handling,
  • Stevedoring, &
  • Sea freight.

If you want to rest assured that your freight is in good hands every step of the way, and in line with all the necessary regulatory frameworks, you can contact us here!