Clearing and Forwarding Agents Near Me

Have you been looking for clearing and forwarding services for your business, particularly in the major port cities of South Africa? Corsair Logistics offers a complete clearing and forwarding service that will handle all your needs, whether you are exporting or importing.

Professional Clearing And Forwarding Agents

Corsair Logistics offers complete transport and logistics services in and around the major port cities of South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Dealing with customs clearance and other regulatory demands can be time consuming and demanding – and you have other business to get on with. So leave the clearing part of your shipments to experts who know the processes, can do all the paperwork and know which individuals and institutions to deal with.

A forwarding agent arranges the movement of your cargo from the port to the warehouse, and/or clients and final destination. Forwarding is a complete logistics service that may also include clearing.

Hassle-Free Clearing And Forwarding

Clearing services involve the customs, tax and regulatory requirements of your shipment. Corsair Logistics is fully accredited by the Port of Port Elizabeth, the Port of Cape Town and the Port of Durban and is fully knowledgeable of all the paperwork and fees required to ensure that your goods are cleared through all the official channels. Forwarding requires expert handling of the logistics network and its requirements, benefits and complications. Again, Corsair Logistics has all the skill and knowledge required to see that your cargo gets through the supply chain from ship to buyer, or from supplier to ship.

Get Tailored, Cost-Effective Clearing And Forwarding Services In South Africa, With Corsair Logistics

If you want to rest assured that your imported or exported stock is in good hands, cleared and forwarded to your satisfaction, and in line with all the necessary regulatory frameworks, contact us and our sales team will get back to you shortly.