Clearing & Forwarding Services in Durban South

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Do you require clearing and forwarding services in Africa’s busiest port? Corsair Logistics can handle every aspect of your shipments from arrival or departure at the harbour to final delivery.

Professional Landside Logistics and Customs Clearance

Corsair Logistics offers transport and logistical services to both importers and exporters. We take great pride in our positive attitude towards the market as well as identifying innovative solutions in a difficult market. Our clearing and forwarding services are comprehensive and provide a complete solution for shippers seeking trouble-free handling of their goods. Read more about our business on our blog.

Importers and exporters have enough to consider without having to arrange for the transport and clearance of their goods. These matters are best left to professionals capable of arranging the movements of the cargo, and dealing with all the documentation, as well as storing and monitoring the goods.

Hassle-Free Clearing

Clearing services involve the customs, tax and regulatory requirements of your shipment. Corsair Logistics is fully accredited by the Durban Port Authority and is fully knowledgeable of all the paperwork and fees required to ensure that your goods are cleared through all the official channels.

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Comprehensive Forwarding Solutions

If you require a more far-reaching solution for your shipments, Corsair Logistics is able to offer complete forwarding services that include the following:

  • Customs clearance
  • The sourcing and provision of all modes of transport to get your goods from the port to its final destination – be it road or air
  • Storage and warehousing solutions
  • Distribution and delivery of shipments as per client instructions
  • Access to a wide network of logistics and warehousing providers that allows us to negotiate the best freight rates
  • Processing of all relevant documents such as certificates of origin, customs documents, and bills of lading
  • The transporting of goods across land borders from South Africa into surrounding countries, if needed

Contact Corsair Logistics for Excellent Clearing and Forwarding in Durban

Corsair Logistics provides clearing and forward, as well as other services for businesses shipping to and from the Durban area. Contact us for more information.

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