Grounding, staging and storing in South Africa

As an exporter or importer, you need experienced logistics professionals who can arrange the efficient moving and storage of your freight from port to port, or from port to client. This includes grounding, staging and storing services capable of handling shipments of all sizes and complexities. Corsair Logistics offers professional grounding, staging and storing services in all of South Africa’s main seaports.

Ware Housing

Efficient and Cost Warehousing Services

Grounding is the process of receiving a shipment into a warehouse, with all the necessary data capturing and other administrative functions.

Staging is the process of extracting, transforming and loading goods in the intermediate stage between receiving and dispatching. All goods are gathered in one place and sorted according to the relevant specifications.

Storage refers to the primary function of warehouses – the efficient, safe storage of valuable goods prior to transporting them onward to their recipients.

Corsair Logistics is an expert provider of grounding, staging and storing services, as well as all other steps and processes in the supply chain. Let us manage your cargo from warehouse to port and port to final recipient.

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Get Cost-Effective, Customizable Warehousing, Grounding, Staging and Storing Services in South Africa, With Corsair Logistics

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