Sea Freight Services in South Africa

Freighting goods by sea is a complex process with a variety of logistical and bureaucratic processes that need to be negotiated. These are best left to experts with a thorough knowledge of what is required. Corsair Logistics offers complete sea freight services in all South Africa’s main seaports.

Competent and Experienced Sea Freight Professionals

Both importers and exporters who work in the South African seaports of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth need to manage the complex logistical, regulatory and warehousing networks around these harbours. From transport to customs clearance, the processes involved can be time-consuming and expensive if not handled by experts. It is best to leave these details to professionals who can handle them all while you get on with your business.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Sea Freight Services

As an importer or exporter, you need the most effective and affordable ways of managing your sea freighting to and from South Africa’s ports. Corsair Logistics is fully accredited by the Port of Port Elizabeth, the Port of Cape Town and the Port of Durban and is fully knowledgeable of all the paperwork and fees required to ensure that your goods are cleared through all the official channels. We can also handle warehousing and transport arrangements around the ports, helping you to organise storage and onward transport once your cargo arrives.

Get Tailored, Cost-Effective Sea Freight Services in South Africa, With Corsair Logistics

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