Are you operating a goods-based business and are looking for warehousing solutions for your products? Look no further. At Corsair, we take our clients’ needs seriously and work hard to offer everything you need. Here are five benefits of choosing Corsair Logistics for your warehousing needs.

1. Our Solutions & Services are Tailored to Our Clients

We understand that logistical services and warehousing are necessities for any goods-based business. In order to successfully import or export your goods – or deliver them to your local customers – you need a reliable logistical system that is tailored to your specific business needs.

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That’s exactly what we offer at Corsair. We take each of our clients’ requirements into consideration to offer solutions that are developed and tailored to ensure all their business needs are met. Businesses may be similar, but no two are exactly alike, so why should your third-party logistics partners offer the exact same solutions to every business? We take a different approach, ensuring that our clients have everything they need to succeed so that they can focus their efforts on running their businesses.

2. Our Warehouses are Food-Grade Standard

If your products are edible, you need a warehouse that is at the standard that makes it possible to safely store food. You don’t want your goods to be stored somewhere where they could go bad and become unsafe for sale. Our warehouses are all PPECB-accredited food-grade standard, so you can rest assured that your goods are safe in our facilities.

3. We Have Plenty of Space

We have enough space in our facilities – and then some – for each of our clients to store their goods. Our warehouse facility is 48 000m², so no matter what you’re looking to store, we can accommodate you and your unique handling requirements. Our warehouse is also equipped with a state-of-the-art monitored CCTV system that includes 35 cameras, giving you peace of mind that your goods are safe in our facility.

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4. We Provide Extra Services for our Clients

Unlike some other warehousing and logistics companies, the team at Corsair is dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients. Our warehousing services also include palletising and mechanised stretch-wrapping to make sure all of your goods are secured while they’re in transit. We also offer break-bulk and bulk handling, as well as container stuffing and de-stuffing: in other words, you don’t need to worry about taking on these tasks yourself or having to find another service to complete them for you.

5. Our Variety of Shipping & Transportation Solutions

If you need your goods transported to and from your warehouse, we have a solution that will fit your business needs. We know that businesses need to find shipping solutions that work for their products. That’s why we offer a number of different shipping and transportation services for our clients. Our logistical solutions will ensure that your goods are transported to or from your warehouse effectively and efficiently in a way that works best for you.

Our team can handle & manage:

  • Break-bulk to and from the port
  • Dispatch and delivery of containers to and from container parks and the port terminal
  • Short-haul vehicles for local deliveries
  • Long-haul vehicles for deliveries around the country

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