At Corsair, we believe that businesses in all industries are needing to adapt due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. This is creating many issues across the board and all over the world.

How We Promote Infection Control

Shipping is one industry that has been affected the most by the epidemic; it involves the transportation of goods, so there is a lot of travel involved as well as many different people as part of the operation.

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A Critical Industry

This means that those that operate in the shipping industry need to take precautions. This is so that they can operate safely and protect the wellbeing of customers, employees, and the public during this crisis. Shipping is a critical industry and needs to continue throughout the outbreak, but safety must be paramount at all times. At Corsair Logistics, we pride ourselves on our transportation, shipping, and warehousing services but understand that being able to adapt is crucial in the current climate.

Adapting To Developments

Precautions must be taken by all those involved in the industry to avoid spreading the virus through the shipping service. There is still a lot unknown about this virus, which can make it challenging to know the best way to take precautions but, ultimately, it is best to use strong precautions to reduce risk. This means that it is essential for businesses in this industry to listen carefully to Government updates and the advice of experts and to work with the health department to devise the best strategy going forward.

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Key Precautions

A few essential precautions to take in the shipping industry involve providing protective equipment for workers, including face masks and gloves for any handling of goods. In essence, it is unclear how long germs can survive on a surface, so it is better to be safe than sorry (this also means that single-use materials are best in the current situation).

Those that are travelling must be carefully monitored and quarantined if displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus with the main symptoms being a persistent cough and/or a fever. Communication is, as always, critical between those involved in the process so that the best approach can be devised for each situation.

Finding Innovative Solutions

As a company, we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions for each client. We are confident moving forward that we can take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus while still providing a high-quality service to our clients, which will fulfil their shipping and logistical requirements.

Our experienced shipping department is up to the task. It will pay close attention to any new developments and act accordingly when it comes to handling goods being imported and exported to and from Africa.

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Challenges are facing every industry right now but particularly in the shipping industry due to the travel and movement of goods between countries. It is vital for everyone involved in the industry to take precautions and to follow Government guidelines while working with health departments to make sure that public health is being protected at all times during the epidemic.

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