When looking for the right shipping carrier, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure that you get the service you need. Corsair Logistics suggests five key questions to ask when you are vetting carriers for your next shipment.

What to Look for When Choosing a Shipping Carrier

As with any other service provider, a shipping carrier needs to be able to prove that they can do the job before you commit to accepting their services. Here are five questions you should ask when considering shipping carriers.

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1. What Will it Cost?

The most important question will be whether you can afford the services you need, and whether they will be worth the cost. Consider local carriers first as they always offer better pricing than the major carriers. What your local carrier cannot handle can be distributed between other carriers. Be sure that the carrier includes any surcharges and possible hidden costs in their quote.

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2. How Long Will it Take?

Another important question to ask is what the estimated delivery time will be. Whether or not a prospective carrier offers a transit time that is suitable to you depends on your particular needs. You may be willing to take a carrier with a longer transit time in exchange for a lower price. Just make sure that this is a trade-off you are prepared to accept.

3. Is the Carrier Au Fait with the Regulations at the Port of Destination?

Every port of destination (POD) has different clearing requirements for cargo arriving there. Not every shipment can be cleared in the same way. The standard Free Time granted at the terminal is based on what agencies regard as the necessary amount of time to clear cargo in that particular POD. Not every carrier will grant the same amount of free days, and at the same price, so check the free time allowed before booking your shipment.

4. How Safe and Secure Will Your Shipment Be?

What are your safety requirements as a shipper? If you’re shipping products that are your bread and butter, you naturally want to make sure your carrier prioritises safety and security. Ask them about their safety rating, insurance arrangements and log-keeping practices, and choose only the company that demonstrates how committed it is to helping you protect your shipment.

5. Does the Carrier Follow Sustainable Practices?

Shipping with a carrier that prioritises sustainability and environmental awareness can help to build your supply chain image and lead to increased sales. Ask your shipper what their environmental policies are, and what choices they make to reduce ecological impact.

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