The rapid evolution of technology continues to transform every aspect of our lives, including the way we do business. Every aspect of a business, from production to logistics is a constant state of transformation as a result of technology. Corsair Logistics looks at some of the key ways in which technology is making logistics faster and more efficient.

The Rapid Transformation of Technology in Logistics

As we have mentioned elsewhere in our blog, logistics is a complex and multifaceted business. Technology doesn’t necessarily reduce the complexity, but it does make it much easier to manage, and draws all the diverse aspects of shipping closer together into a more integrated whole that functions more smoothly than ever before. Here are five ways in which technology is helping the sector to evolve.

1. Shipment Tracking Systems

Shipment tracking has been around for at least 20 years and the systems continue to develop and grow in efficiency. Internet and software advances enable customers to know where their shipment is at any given moment of the day or night. This makes for a much improved customer experience and also provides peace of mind and increased efficiency for both senders and recipients.

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2. Autonomous Trucks and Drones

Delivery drones have already entered the industry, although they have not yet become as common as they are likely to. They enable delivery of goods to even remote and hard-to-reach places. What is more remarkable is the development of self-driving trucks. Autonomous cars are in quite an advanced state of development. Trucks are certainly the next logical step from there. In fact, Tesla has already tested a prototype. Self-driving trucks will certainly increase the efficiency of delivery, and reduce the risks involved with long-haul transport.

3. Enhanced GPS Efficiency

GPSs simply get better and more accurate all the time. It has come to the point where drivers rely on them completely. These technologies ensure that drivers never get lost and thus improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

4. Social Media

Social media’s power to connect people instantly is coming in very useful in the world of logistics. They are the easiest way for customers and suppliers to keep in contact with each other and convey urgent information and industry news.

5. Internet of Things

Almost everything is connected via the Internet these days – and that integration is becoming wider, deeper and more efficient all the time. The connections facilitated by IoT opens up opportunities for supply chains, reducing costs, and avoiding risks. Sensors built into cargo ships, cabs, trains and other modes of transport enable easy monitoring and tracking. IoT is not new, but it continues to develop and deepen its impact on shipping.

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