Before you pack up your belongings and head off on that exciting international move that will, no doubt, change life as you and your family know it for good, make sure you do your research on the logistics involved with safely moving your household to a new country. Corsair Logistics provides a definitive guide to successfully navigating an international move.

What To Consider When Moving Internationally

The logistics of an international move may seem daunting at first, but once you are dealing with the right shippers who can provide you the expert service you need, it is plain sailing. Here are some of the main boxes you need to tick before your belongings get loaded onto a ship headed for your new home. Read our blog for more shipping and logistics advice.

Container Load And Direct/ Transhipment Services

How much do you need to ship? Will it take up an entire container or could you share space with other movers inside a single container? Most shipping services will offer you the option of a full-container load (FCL), also known as sole-use container, or less-than container load (LCL). The latter option involves you using up a certain amount of space in a container, which you will share with other people. FCL is the more economical option, but it does require that you have enough belongings to fill an entire container. LCL options are more expensive. A very similar alternative – a groupage service – is more economical choice. The only catch is that you may have to wait a bit longer for your shipment to arrive.

Another question is whether the shipment will be carried directly from origin to final destination (direct shipping) or if it will make a few intermediate stops at other ports (transhipment). With the latter option, your cargo will be moved from one ship to another before it completes its journey. Transhipment is cheaper, but it carries the additional risk of having to be moved between ships at a foreign port, where there is limited control over the process. These shipments will also take longer to reach their destinations.

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You may need to rent storage facilities either at the home port or at the destination – or both. This is to ensure that your belongings are kept safe if there is going to be a delay in collecting them and moving them to your new home. You may also need long-term storage to keep your belongings safe while you are away during a temporary change of location.

Stay One Step Ahead With Corsair Logistics

Corsair Logistics is a transport and logistics company based in Durban, South Africa. We can provide all the logistics and storage solutions you need during an international move. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your overseas relocation.

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